When the singular gesture
on exceptional materials
Achieves full momentum

BETTINA À PARIS conveys a unique vision of luxury “à la française”. All her creations are realized with the exceptional savoir-faire of qualified craftsmen, resulting in elegant products with unique finishes.

Bag charms

Credit Cardholder

Showcase Mirrors

History & Know-how

Style is to forget all styles based on an extract from the journal of Jules Renard, 7th April 1891 A thing of beauty is a joy forever John Keats, 1818.

Founded in 2015 in Paris, BETTINA À PARIS creates and commercializes collections of high-end decorative objects such as showcase mirrors for the exhibition of objets d’art, perfume bottles or flower arrangements.

In 2016, creation of a new collection of exclusive crocodile leather goods, the ideal gift and also to indulge oneself.

Perpetuating a vision of luxury “à la française”, achieved with the help of highly skilled, quality craftsmen, being the guarantee for supremely elegant products epitomizing great luxury and impeccable finish.

BETTINA À PARIS products are exclusively hand made, in materials of highest quality, for the greatest pleasure of connoisseurs.

The custom designed and bespoke finishes of BETTINA À PARIS products are a collector’s dream come true, enabling their treasures to be displayed in a very haute couture manner.

The skills and know-how of French quality craftsmanship stand for long-lasting BETTINA À PARIS products, while allowing for ever more innovative interpretations.

Custom designs & installation

BETTINA À PARIS offers made to measure creations allowing haute couture display of your precious items.
Would you like to have your very own showcase mirror?
With measurements adapted to your objets d'art and your space.
A frame in a specific style.
A finish that matches the decoration of your interior.
A transparent glass tablet in a custom designed form.
We do it exclusively for you.
We can also provide advice and help you with the installation of our products.

Our commitment

Our creations are hand made in France from the highest quality materials.

Skilled hands achieve the masterly finish of our products.