Le Petit Trésor

Credit Cardholder in crocodile leather


The Credit Cardhoder is available in 12 enticing colours :
Barbie Pink Matte, Pink Brilliant, Orange, Cherry Red, Coral Red, Lilac, Dark Brown, Dark Blue, Taupe, Black Brilliant, Black Matte

Details & Price

A compact, elegant Credit Cardholder in crocodile leather for him and for her.
Features: 6 card slots and 1 bill slot
Dimensions (in cm): L10.2 x H8 x W0.4
Colour :
Finish :
Price: 290,-€ net each

Delivery & Other Services

Deliveries are free of charge within the European Union, by tracked & traced postal package.
Delivery times might vary depending on the transporter, and we do not guarantee delivery times of transport companies out of our perimetre of control.
Luxury Gift Box: please contact us at + 33 (0)6 62 22 90 52
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Special Orders

Our creations are hand-crafted in carefully selected materials in France. Collections are refreshed regularly. Each Credit Cardholder is a handcrafted, unique piece. For special requirements, please call us at + 33 (0)6 62 22 90 52 or send us an email to bettina (at) bettina (dot) paris