The Pearly

Showcase mirror


Venus shells in the secret of Atlantis
Ravishing beauty of pearls
Harmony of a moon shadow lake

Dimensions & details

The showcase mirror is composed of a frame, a mirror and a glass tablet. The frame with large, flat profile dazzles with a seamless one-piece application of high gloss lacquer, embellished with optical pearl effects, though offering a silk smooth surface. The generously bevelled mirror comes with a glass tablet of specially designed contour. Singular finishes of noble materials create extraordinary conditions of valuation. The elegant ensemble shows off collectibles achieving their potential, exceptional gems ravish, candle lights multiply, flowers surprise. A far cry from closed display cabinets, this is a plunge in space and time, a world of beguiling reflections and breathtaking weightlessness. Exposed objects turn into objects of desire, beautiful to look at from all angles, displayed on a highly transparent glass tablet. With a simple gesture, objects can be touched, replaced, changed, and renewed. Un souffle de légèreté!
Characteristics of this particular creation:
Finish of the wooden frame: High gloss lacquer
Dimensions of the frame:
Height 42,5 cm/17″ Width 42,5cm/17″ Depth 4,5 cm/1.8″
Bevelled mirror: Height 29 cm/11.6″ Width 29 cm/11.6″
Highly transparent glass display tablet:
Width 19 cm/7.6″ Maximum depth 12 cm/4.8″ “
The glass display tablet can carry objects up to 3 kilos/6.5lbs maximum
Price: quote upon request

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